You notice the trickle of water running down your driveway and wonder where it came from. Was somebody watering their lawn?

You make your way out to your front porch and notice a puddle of water near where you parked. You whip around, spot it coming from under the driveway, and see that there’s another one by your mailbox!

What Is Causing Water To Come From Under Your Driveway?

There are some common causes for this that can include:

  1. Aging plumbing system – pipes do wear out over time and the ones under your driveway may have sprung a leak.
  2. Environmental factors – changes in temperature and shifts in the soil surrounding your plumbing system under the driveway can also cause cracks and leaks to occur resulting in water seeping from under your driveway.
  3. Tree roots – if tree roots have gotten into your plumbing system they too could cause cracks and leaks in the pipes.
  4. Water main problems – if the community’s water main runs under your driveway and it has broken or been damaged in some way – that could also be the cause of the leak.

Any type of water leak will increase your water bill so as soon as you notice this issue happening, it’s highly recommended to contact a professional plumber right away so that the issue can be fixed as soon as possible.

How Do You Find A Leak Under A Driveway?

If you suspect that you have a leak under your driveway, the very next step is now how to find it?

The easiest solution is to call in a professional plumber who can use their leak detection  devices to identify where the leak is and then of course, correct the problem.

The water pipe repair process starts with the proper detection of where and how bad a leak is. Keep in mind, that it’s important to fully identify the extent of damage caused by a pipeline leakage before any action can be taken against it.

What To Do If Your Driveway is Leaking

If you have a leak in your driveway or slab, it’s important to remember that both are not easy nor simple to detect. The best way to tackle this problem is by leaving the task for someone else who knows what they’re doing like an experienced plumber.

It’s best to leave the maintenance of your driveway and slab to a professional. This is because they know what they’re doing and are equipped with the necessary tools that can efficiently manage this task. They have knowledge in excavation, mudjacking, patching and sealing which makes them worth every cent you pay them.

If you have any questions about leaks under your driveway or are having some problems with it, call Atlantis Plumbing today at 770-443-8229. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.