Like most plumbing problems, a gurgling sound coming from your sink’s drain should not be ignored, even if it only lasts for a minute or so. It’s most likely a sign of a bigger problem and one that needs to be addressed before the damage gets bigger and the cost to fix it gets bigger too.

Buy why would your drains be gurgling? – The most common reason that you are hearing that gurgling sound is because air has gotten into your drain pipes and that is usually caused by a blockage or problem with your sewer vent system.

Is A Gurgling Sink Dangerous?

Well – a gurgling sink is not necessarily “dangerous” meaning that it’s not going to explode or anything. But – it is definitely a sign that there is a problem that should not be ignored because it’s only going to turn into a much bigger problem that will end up costing you more.

So, if your definition of “dangerous” is that it will cost you alot of money to fix, then yes, it can be dangerous if you don’t get the issue fixed right away. So, we do recommend that you contact a plumber immediately to get the issue assessed and corrected.

If you’re hearing that gurgling sound just from one sink then the problem could simply be in your sink vent.

But if you are experiencing any of these following signs, then there’s more than likely a problem somewhere throughout the entire venting system.

  • Gurgling sounds from multiple sink drains.
  • Water in your sinks are draining slowly.
  • You smell sewer odors.
  • Your toilet is flushing slowly.

How Do You Fix A Gurgling Drain?

Because the problem is most often caused by your sewer vents then that is the first place to look.

Sewer vents are located on the roof of your house. They allow the gases that build up in your sewer system to escape into the air so that you don’t have that awful sewer smell in your home.

We highly recommend that you get this issue assessed and fixed by a professional plumber. Climbing around your roof trying to fix a sewer vent is not something that the majority of homeowners are equipped to do safely or even correctly.

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