Gas leaks in your home are extremely dangerous and knowing what to do in the case of this occurring or if you simply suspect that it may be happening can save your life and the lives of your family.

No matter what the "sign" of a gas leak may be - we caution you to leave the premises immediately and contact your local gas company or you can call 911.

Here in the Atlanta, Georgia area that would be Atlanta Gas Light. Their phone numbers are...
In Metro Atlanta - 770-907-4231
Outside Metro Atlanta - 877-427-4321

Gas is highly combustible - any kind of spark could cause a fire or an explosion.

How To Identify A Gas Leak

There are 6 very good signs that tell you there's a gas leak in your home.

  1. The smell of rotten eggs or sewage or sulfer. This is the typical sign that tells you there's a gas leak in your house.
  2. The sound of hissing coming from your gas lines. If you hear a hissing sound from a gas appliance, your air conditioner unit, a gas water heater, etc. - that is most likely a gas leak.
  3. If your indoor plants are dead or dying for no known reason, or if your outdoor plants are dead or dying for no known reason - you may have a gas leak affecting that vegetation.
  4. Some homeowners are able to see a fog or white mist around their property. If you do happen to see this and it's not a misty day - this may be a sign of a gas leak.
  5. If you, your pets or anyone in your family is demonstrating lethargy, nose bleeds, disorientation, vomiting, red or watery eyes, flu like symptoms, dizziness and simply not feeling well - these may all be signs of a gas leak.
  6. If you have standing water anywhere in your home (bowl of water for your dog, a pot of water) and you notice bubbles in the water - that occurs when there's a gas leak nearby.

What To Do If You Know Or Suspect A Gas Leak

  1. Open all the doors and windows in your home.
  2. Leave the home immediately - get everyone out including your pets.
  3. Call your local gas company and report your findings.
  4. DO NOT try to find the source of the leak or to fix it yourself.
  5. DO NOT shut off any gas valves or appliances.
  6. DO NOT operate any electrical or mechanical appliances while in the home (this includes telephones, computers, etc.)
  7. DO NOT turn your car on if it's still in the garage.


All families should create and practice a Fire Escape Plan frequently and what to do in case of a gas leak should be part of that plan.

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