The vent for your toilets is located on the roof of your house. They are also called sewer vents. Their purpose is to allow all the gases that build up in your sewer system to escape.

So, what can happen if that toilet vent gets clogged? Well, the first thing you will notice is that your bathroom and your home will begin to smell like a sewer. You may also notice that your toilets gurgle when you flush them and that the water in your sinks drain very slowly.

How Do I Know If My Toilet Vent Is Clogged?

As we mentioned above, the 3 main signs that tell you your toilet vent is clogged are...

  1. A strong sewer odor in your bathroom and/or home. This is something you would probably notice right away. Most of us can easily identify that sewer smell and it's not very pleasant.
  2. You hear a gurgling noise when you flush your toilet. This is due to the negative air pressure that has built up in the pipe because of the clog in the vent stack.
  3. Your sinks are draining water very slowly. This can also be due to a clog in the water pipes under your sink BUT if your sinks are draining slowly AND you notice any one or all of the other signs mentioned here then you more than likely have a clogged toilet vent.

How Did Your Sewer Vent Get Clogged?

Since the pipe for this vent comes out through the roof of your home - it's susceptible to the outdoor elements. Normally, these pipes are covered so that it's protected from debris but if the cover has somehow been removed or blown off or even is in disrepair, then anything from bird nests to leaves and small branches, etc. could get in there and be the cause of your clog.

How Can I Unclog A Sewer Vent?

We do not recommend that you work on clearing your clogged sewer vent yourself. The work on a vent pipe is very difficult and if it involves getting on the roof which is a potentially very dangerous task. It's strongly recommended that you contact a professional plumber if you suspect that your sewer vents are clogged.

We have the knowledge and equipment to do the job safely and thoroughly.

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