If you have one or more areas in your yard where water tends to collect and is not properly absorbed into the soil, leaving a muddy mess – well a french drain may be the solution for you.

French sewers or drain tiles are built in a ditch filled with gravel, and perforated pipes are used at the bottom to drain groundwater. The first part of a French drain is the elevated high-end, known as the drain channel.

Once installed, it collects water and puts it into a reservoir or swamp that drains into your home’s evacuation system. The water collected by the French drain is then channeled to the storm drain in your home.

If you install a French drain outdoors, the ideal French drain slope is between one inch and eight feet. If you are unsure where the drain starts, try looking at the highest point in your yard, as the construction of a French drain is used to let the water flow downhill.

If you have water problems in the crawl room of your house, a French drain may be just what you need.

Are French Drains Effective?

French drains, or perforated pipe, are one of the most effective methods of water removal in and around your home. French drains allow sediment, dirt, debris, and other unsanitary pollutants to be flushed away and keep water contamination from getting worse

“French drain systems are incredibly effective because, unlike typical surface drains, they collect water over the entire length of the drain as opposed to one dedicated area.” – rhinelandscaping.com

Does A French Drain Need An Exit?

No, a french drain does not require an exit or outlet. The water that is drained away through a pipe is supposed to be absorbed by the soil.

How Long Does A French Drain Last?

Homeowners will be happy to know that the average lifespan of a french drain is anywhere from 30 to 40 years. We would say that is a very good investment to make in your property if you are having problems with poorly draining spots in your yard.

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