In the late 1960's Jacuzzi Tubs came onto the market and by the late 1970's they were all the rage in new homes and bathroom remodels.

Today in 2019, the trend is more towards soaking tubs and air tubs which are less noisy, usually smaller in size and easier to maintain.

But if you still have a home with a jacuzzi tub in your bathroom - you should be aware of how to best maintain it so that it can last you as long as possible.

Cleaning The Jacuzzi Tub

The tub should be cleaned just like any other bathtub. Use a non abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. We can recommend a small amount of baking soda which will gently remove any buildup.

The additional task in cleaning a jacuzzi tub are the jets. Yes, you do have to clean the jets. Neglecting cleaning them can lead to bigger problems later on.

Follow these easy steps to clean your jacuzzi tub jets.

1) Clean them every 2 months unless you use the tub very frequently, then clean them every month.

2) After you've cleaned the bathtub, fill the tub with hot water - and make the sure the water is about 2 inches above the jets.

3) Add 1 cup of bleach and 3 tablespoons of an HE laundry detergent (these are low sudsing and that's why you want to use this type).

4) Turn on the jets and let them run for 10-20 minutes. Ten minutes is sufficient if you've been keeping to your schedule of cleaning them every 2 months but if it's been longer, then let the jets run for 20 minutes.

5) After you've turned the jets off and drained the tub make sure to rinse it well.

These steps will help you to keep your jacuzzi tub functioning very well for much longer.

But if you have problems with your Jacuzzi tub, call Atlantis Plumbing today at 770-443-8229. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.