Pets give us alot of joy and love. But they also contribute to the wear and tear of the household and that includes the plumbing.

So, in addition to all that you already do for your fur kids, you should be aware of how to keep them from adding any extra stress to your plumbing pipes, septic tank, etc. And also what to do when and if something does happen.

Here are our plumbing tips for pet owners.

Bathing Your Dog

The most obvious affect that your dog would have on your plumbing is during bath time. All that hair (and maybe dirt) going down the drain in your shower or bathtub may end up creating a clog in the pipes. If your dog is a heavy shedder, well then your chances of developing a clog are even higher.

The best prevention tip we can give you here is to either wash your dog outdoors during the summer. And when you do have to wash him indoors, add a strainer to the drain to help capture any debris from going down the pipe.

But if the deed is done and you end up with a clog due to the dog hair, as long as it's a small clog you can try using Liquid Plumr. Of course, if that doesn't work we recommend to call in a plumber to get the job done.

Flushing Cat Litter And Feces

When you purchase kitty litter, some manufacturers promote the claim that it's okay to flush the used kitty litter down the toilet. But we caution you not to do that. Iit's truly not a good idea. You can easily create a clog or multiple clogs this way.

Also, flushing away cat feces is not appropriate simply due to the possible harmful parasites that may be in your kitty's feces. You don't want that to end up in the municipal water supply. The treatment process at your town's water plant may not be equipped to remove those parasites.

Fido Digging In The Yard

Many dogs love to dig in the yard. There are many reasons you want to discourage this behavior. But one reason has to do with your plumbing.

If they come across any of your plumbing pipes buried in the yard they may affect the integrity of the pipe and create a crack or worse. Dogs love to chew and claw at things and if they discover a pipe in the yard - they can end up destroying that pipe unintentionally.

That being said make sure to also protect any exposed pipes so that your dog won't be tempted to chew or bite or scratch at them.

We hope these simple tips will help you and your pets to coexist peacefully with your home's plumbing!

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