If you turn on your garbage disposal and nothing happens, don't panic. The solution may be just as easy as resetting it.

You know the old saying when it comes to computers, "When in doubt, reboot!". That works for appliances as well and that includes your garbage disposal.

So, here are the very easy steps on how to reset your garbage disposal.

  1. First, check the fuse box that the disposal unit is connected to. It may be that the the fuse was tripped and power to the disposal unit was turned off.
  2. If the problem doesn't seem to be the power, then let's check the garbage disposal unit.
  3. Locate and turn off the power button on your garbage disposal unit.
  4. Locate the small red button on your unit (this is the reset button).
  5. Gently press it in and hold for a second or two. It should stay retracted. If it does not, then wait about 10 minutes before trying again. If this reset button won't stay in after a few attempts, then we recommend that you call in a professional plumber to assess the problem.

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