There are many reasons for homeowners to be interested in how to find a broken sprinkler pipe underground. If you have an irrigation system, it’s important that the pipes remain intact and fully functional throughout their lifetime. It can also benefit you if you plan on planting new grass or other vegetation near your sprinklers—you want to make sure there is no damage done by having them too close together.

Furthermore, learning how to find a broken sprinkler pipe underground will help you save money by avoiding costly repairs or replacements!

Homeowners who wish to learn more about finding a damaged irrigation pipe should continue reading this article as we explain the simple steps required for identifying and dealing with any issues that might arise. We hope our advice comes in handy.

Steps To Finding That Broken Underground Sprinkler Pipe

There are a few different ways to go about finding an underground sprinkler pipe. Depending upon your level of experience, you may also require additional tools or assistance from a professional.

Here’s some things to keep in mind when it comes time to locating the broken pipe on your own.

  1. You should have a map of the layout of your sprinkler system pipes. This will help you to follow the lines and keep you from digging up more of the yard than you have to.
  2. Sprinkler pipes should be buried between 8 and 12 inches deep.
  3. When you do start digging, do it carefully so as not to cause any damage (or any more damage) to your irrigation pipes.
  4. Make sure to turn off the water supply to the sprinkler system before you start digging.
  5. If you are lucky enough to notice a large wet spot in your yard, that will be a good indication that the leak or broken pipe is in that vicinity. You will have a better idea of where to start digging.
  6. Of course, you can also use an acoustic testing kit with a water leak microphone and headset to identify where the leak or leaks may be coming from.
  7. Once you locate the culprit, you can then replace or repair the broken pipe. Most sprinkler systems are made of PVC pipes but you should check with your sprinkler maintenance company for this information.

Can An Irrigation System Continue Leaking If It’s Turned Off?

Even if the sprinklers are turned off, they could still be leaking which of courses costs you money!

There are basically 2 common reasons why this would be happening.

  1. A problem with low-head drainage – this happens when water that has not drained out of the irrigation pipes starts to seep out of the sprinkler heads.
  2. A zone valve problem – usually caused by a faulty valve or electrical problem in the irrigation system. This causes certain zones in your system to not turn on at all.

For more information about locating underground water leaks read our article – How To Find a Water Leak Underground.

In the end, if you’re looking for a broken pipe to fix or replace, it might be worth your while to call in a professional. A plumber will have all the equipment and know-how necessary to find a leak quickly and efficiently so that water doesn’t keep pouring onto your property.

When you hire an expert like ours, they’ll provide their own tools as well as the knowledge of how best to identify leaks underground. If you need help repairing or replacing any parts of your sprinkler system, we hope this article has been helpful!

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