Normally, pipes take about 6 hours to freeze. Garden hoses are normally made of thinner material so they would freeze in less time, depending on the temperature and the material of the hose.

During the winter months here in Georgia, the temperatures could get below freezing depending on where you live. Here in the Atlanta area and north of it, there are at least a few days / nights when the thermometer dips below that 32 degree freezing point.

Most homeowners are aware of bringing in items like garden hoses before the freezing temperatures but let's face it - sometimes these things get overlooked.

So, if you wake up in the morning and realize that you left your garden hose(s) outdoors overnight when the temperature dipped below freezing - take a moment and relax. Let's go over some information before you pick up the phone and order another hose from Amazon.

What Happens If Your Water Hose Freezes?

Generally speaking - what damages an outdoor garden hose in the winter is the water that is left in the hose.

As the temperature dips below freezing, the water left in the hose also freezes and when this happens, the result is usually that it can split the material that the hose is made of. Frozen water expands which means that it then takes up more space in the hose than when it was in liquid form. As a result, the pressure from that expansion causes the material to crack and split.

You would notice this when you started using the hose in the springtime or summer.

How Do I Keep My Garden Hose From Freezing?

The best solution to keeping your garden hose in tip top shape and avoid any damage from freezing temperatures is to disconnect the hose, release any water that may be left in the hose and then bring the hose inside into your home or into your garage. But, if your garage gets too cold, then I recommend that you bring it into your home.

Typically, a good garden hose can last up to 10 years - if you take care of it.

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