If you happen to have a push button stopper in your bathtub – and you are in need of removing it for some reason – you may realize that it’s not as simple as just pulling it up.

To remove a push button stopper in your bathtub, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Unscrew the stopper button that sits on top of your bathtub’s drain.
  2. Remove the large rubber washer that sits directly under the button.
  3. You should be left with a plastic rod protruding from the drain.
  4. Use a heavy duty flathead screwdriver or a powered drill to remove the screw that is inside the plastic rod. If using a powered drill make sure to use short taps to slowly remove the screw.
  5. Once the screw is removed you can lift off the plastic rod off the drain.

And you have now successfully removed your push button tub stopper.

The Different Types Of Bathtub Drain Stoppers

There actually are 4 different types of bathtub drain stoppers available these days.

  1. Push Button (aka Push Pull or Lift & Turn) – these sit slightly above the bathtub drain and usually have a knob to push to close or pull to open the stopper.
  2. Toe Touch – these are very similar to the push button except they don’t have a knob on top of the drain. It’s meant to be pushed down with your toe to close it and pushed again to open it.
  3. Flip It – again, similar to the push button except the knob on top is moved left to right to open or close the stopper.
  4. PresFlo – these stoppers sit inside the drain (vs slightly above it) and simply require a push to open or close.

Removing any of these types of stoppers can be an easy task or not. It simply depends on the condition of drain and the stopper. After time – there could be debris, corrosion, etc. that would impede your ability to handle the removal of a tub stopper.

If you have problems removing any of these types of bathtub stoppers – call in your plumber to help fix the problem.

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