Atlanta Georgia is the home of Coca Cola. Go to most any restaurant and you won't be able to order a Pepsi. The only option you have is Coke!

So, it's no surprise that Atlanteans (as well as Southerners in Georgia) have become accustomed to learning other ways that they can use their beloved home town beverage.

But, can Coke actually clean a toilet bowl? The answer is - it depends on how dirty the toilet bowl is.

A list compiled by lists the odd (but effective) ways that Coca Cola is used, besides drinking it of course.

  • Cleaning the toilet bowl
  • Removing grease stains from clothing
  • Stripping rust from nuts, bolts and tools
  • Removing baked-on grease from pots and pans
  • Getting rid of snails and slugs
  • Removing corrosion from car battery terminals
  • Restoring shine to coins and jewelry
  • Getting rid of oil stains on pavements
  • Removing bugs from a dirty windshield

In this article, we're going to address the issue of how to use Coca Cola to clean your toilet.

How Do You Clean A Toilet Bowl With Coca Cola?

So, the steps to cleaning your toilet bowl using Atlanta's favorite soda beverage is (according to

  1. Pour one to two cups (or more if you need to cover a nasty ring of stain in your toilet bowl)
  2. Make sure to pour the coke around the bowl, not just in the center of the bowl. Try to get it under the rim as well.
  3. Wait at least an hour but it's preferred to wait longer (like overnight)
  4. Flush the toilet and the majority of the stains should have been loosened enough by the acids in the coke that the toilet bowl should look cleaner.
  5. Repeat the process if necessary.

Honestly, it seems much easier to simply clean the toilet with the proper cleaning tools but if you're in a pinch and all you have is Coca Cola on hand to do the job, then you know that it can be done.

Can Pepsi Clean A Toilet?

Yes, actually any carbonated beverage will work. It's the carbonation that is doing the work to clean the toilet bowl - not the ingredients of the soda itself.

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