If you purchased a home with a septic tank, or if you already have one in your yard, you may or may not know that septic tanks can indeed explode.

Why and how they explode can vary but there are steps that you can take to minimize it from happening.

Why Do Septic Tanks Explode?

The most common reason that septic tanks explode is the methane gas. The organic matter that ends up in your septic tank breaks down, as it should. This process is called Anaerobic Digestion and it produces methane gas, which is combustiable and can explode. That’s why it’s recommended to NOT smoke near septic tanks.

Part of maintaining septic tanks is the use of gas detection equipment to measure the kind of gas and how much of it is present.

Oftentimes, the reason a septic tank explodes due to methane gas is because the homeowner made the risky decision to conduct their own septic service without the benefit of using gas detection equipment. It’s for this reason that we strongly recommend that you use a professional

Another reason they may explode is improper ventilation which causes the methane gas to reach levels that are too high and unsafe which could result in an explosion.

In order for a septic tank to explode, the methane gas must come in contact with a heat source. This could be from sparks, cigarettes, flames, electrical tools, etc. Once these two meet, the explosion could be catastrophic, not only destroying the septic tank and the yard, but your home as well.

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