Any insulation that you can add to your home, in the walls, wrapping pipes, windows, cracks in doors, etc. will help to prevent your water pipes from bursting and creating an expensive mess.

Our tips on the best way to insulate your pex pipes is...

  • The type of insulation normally used for pex pipes is foam simply because it can be flexible and seems to work well with pex tubing.
  • Before you wrap the pipes in foam make sure to clean it with a wet rag.
  • Use insulation tape on the ends of the foam insulation so that the pipe tubes are completely sealed

As long as you have the materials on hand - insulating your pex pipes should be an easy task.

Does PEX Pipe Need To Be Insulated?

Yes, although PEX pipes can withstand freezing temperatures better than other pipe materials - but they are not freeze proof!

If the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit your pipes have a very good chance of freezing.

You can read more about the steps to take to keep your PEX pipes from freezing by clicking here.

What Is The Best Insulation For PEX Pipe?

In our experience, we find that foam is a very good insulation product for PEX pipes. It's flexibile (like a PEX pipe is) and it does the job like any other insulating materials.

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