It can happen to anyone, a small object can easily get into your garbage disposal. It could be a small battery, a piece of jewelry or even a coin like a quarter. So, once it's in there, how do you get it out?

Here are the simple steps that you can take to get your object out of that disposal.

1) Safety first, unplug the garbage disposal. NEVER EVER PUT YOUR HAND DOWN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL.

2) Use a flashlight and look into the disposal unit to see if you can find the coin (or other object in there). If you can see it, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to retrieve it.

3) If you don't see anything (but you know that quarter or object is in there) then you'll have to go under the sink to try to retrieve it.

4) You'll need an Allen wrench for this next step.

5) The bottom of your garbage disposal should have a hex-shaped hole - insert your Allen wrench into that hole.

6) Turn the wrench to the left until you can't turn it anymore. Then turn the wrench to the right, again, until you can't turn it anymore. Continue doing this back and forth until you are able to turn the wrench all the way around. This process essentially works to loosen the coin or object from where it's jammed in the blades of the garbage disposal unit.

7) Again, use your flashlight to see if you can find the coin or object in the disposal and hopefully you should be able to see it now. If you do, use your needle-nose pliers to retrieve it.

8) If you still are not able to see anything in the disposal unit, we recommend you contact a plumber to help you resolve the problem.

Be aware that the solution may end up being having to replace your garbage disposal unit.

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