If you're like most people, your showers are probably something of a well-practiced routine. You turn on the water and set it to the temperature you find yourself happiest at, and then maybe sing or think about things while you enjoy a nice hot shower.

But the routine changes if you're looking to save money on your water bill!

Did you know that you can save $100 a year and 4,000 gallons of water simply by cutting your shower by just 4 minutes! Imagine how much you could save if you normally take a 20 minute shower and now reduce that to 10 minutes!

How Long Should You Spend In The Shower?

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) - the average amount of time Americans spend to shower is 8 minutes. (source: Harvard University)

But the question is, "How long SHOULD you spend in the shower?". After all, too much of a good thing is most usually not a good thing!

While a long, hot shower might seem like the best way to pamper your body, over-showering may dehydrate the skin. “The purpose of showering is to hydrate and cleanse the skin, but warm or hot showering for prolonged periods strips away natural oils of the skin and opens up our pores and allows moisture to escape,” Kaminska says. - Healthline.com

Dr. Kaminska goes on to say that the recommended amount of time in a shower should be between 5 and 10 minutes.

Change Your Showerhead To Save Money

Low flow showerheads can save you money by using less water, up to 50% less water.  They may cost more at first, but will pay for themselves over the years. The flow rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

Change out your old showerhead with one of the many low-flow fixtures available today. These are easy to install, and they offer a quick way for you to start saving money while cutting back tremendously on water usage.

Do Baths Save Water?

You probably guessed the answer to this question - which is No. A bath takes up enough water (about 58 gallons) to allow you to take a 27 minute shower!

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